What is the difference between jade and jade?

A: Yes, when we introduce jade jade to customers, many people will say: I don't want jade, I want jade. We are also a bitter smile. Briefly explain here.
In fact, jade is a general term. Jade has the distinction of nephrite and jadeite, and jadeite refers to jade.
Others are called nephrite, such as Hetian jade, Dushan jade, jade jade, Nanyang jade, etc. are all soft soft jade with Xinjiang Hetian Yangzhiyu most top grade.
And jadeite is among the many members of the jade family, the most expensive one is to push the jade. It is a kind of natural ore with extremely high hardness and very low output. Its color is mainly green and red. The red is green and the green is green, hence the name jade.
Produced in Myanmar, known as the king of jade.
How to distinguish between true and false jade?
At present, there are more and more people who wear jade, and the market is really mixed. It is really dazzling.
Jade is divided into A goods, B goods, C goods, D goods.
This is not the grade of jade, but the difference between true and false. Only A cargo jade is a natural authentic.
Jade's A goods: pure natural jade, only carved and polished without any artificial chemical treatment.
B goods refer to jade that has been washed with strong acid and then washed away with impurities and filled with rubber; therefore, B goods can be used as general decorations, but have no collection value.
C goods are re-injected color on the basis of B goods, which is artificially dyed jade; many of the fakes sold in the stalls and online are so B, C goods, very harmful to the body. D goods are pretending to be jade with other low-grade jade.
Nowadays, the means of making fakes is getting higher and higher. Sometimes, the naked eye is very good at identifying jade. Therefore, when buying jade, you must go to a professional regular store to buy, do not go cheap to travel attractions, stalls, online shopping and so on.
Only when wearing A goods, can it be preserved and collectible. Only A cargo jade has spirituality. In ancient times, jade will send out the invisible light of the human eye. That kind of light will bless us and keep the devil from approaching us. This is what the jade can exorcise.
We are a professional jade shop, the brand of jade, the factory direct supply, with a nationally certified jewelry inspection certificate, you can rest assured to buy.
How to maintain jade?
The maintenance of jade is very simple.
The people who have made the jade, the jade raises the people, the people raise the jade for three years, and the jade raises people for a lifetime. Always worn on the body is the best maintenance for jade. However, we must also pay attention to the first point is to avoid hard and hard, so that jade jewelry is damaged.
Also avoid high temperature exposure, so as not to lose water, causing chapped color loss.
The second is to hang frequently, often with a soft cloth or soft brush soaked in water to remove the filth on the top.
Only by doing the above two points, your jade will be beautiful and moisturized by you.
What are the benefits of wearing jade?
Jade is often called amulet. This is because the minerals contained in jadeite are mainly sodium, aluminum, silicon, chromium and iron. These are just some of the important elements that the human body needs. The mineral elements that make up jade are more active and diffuse. The speed is fast, so it is easy for the body to absorb. Therefore, wearing jade for a long time can cool the body, revitalize the body, benefit the blood and keep the radiance. The jade jewelry is generally not easy to take off when wearing jade jewelry . In the leisure time, the jade will be pinched in the hands, so that the minerals of the jade will be combined with the human skin secretions, so that the jade can play Raise the warmth and luster of jade.
Jade body protects the body for a lifetime. There are many unpredictable things in life. From ancient times to the present, jade can exorcise evil spirits and protect the body from disasters. Jade has already become a spiritual stone in the minds of Chinese people. Until today, Chinese people have used jade to protect themselves. For example, children are scared to wear jade, and children often wear jade locks for no reason, and some elders. In the hands of children, a string of jade beads and hats are sewn on the small jade Buddha, in order to protect the children and grow up safely and long-lived.
Since ancient times, people have been very cherished for the beautiful jade, up to the emperor, and the folks. They believe that jade is the pure essence of yin and yang, and has a magical effect on human health.

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