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Founded in 1991, Shenzhen Chuanger Fashion Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating fashion design, production, and distribution at home and abroad. The company has an excellent design team and professional model production department, able to accurately grasp the international fashion trends, flexible integration of market demand, condensed into a romantic aesthetic brand ladies - miss k series.
Miss k has won the favor of the majority of fashion women in its elegant style since its inception in 1991. With the further development of Shenzhen Co., Ltd., the company actively advocates “I am confident and elegant”.
Under the cultural background, miss k women's clothing has become a model of new women's fashion. Today, miss k has become one of the most well-known women's clothing brands in China. In response to the broad prospects for the development of domestic retail industry, Shenzhen Trend Fashion Co., Ltd. began to actively develop the mainland market as early as in 1996. The business strategy was combined with traditional direct sales and modern franchise concepts, and gradually established in Shenzhen. As a domestic headquarters, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Wuhan, five regional center cities are directly operated subsidiaries and thus radiate a comprehensive sales network around them. The miss k series has been successfully stationed in the fashionable cities of Hong Kong, Kobe, Osaka and other cities. It has been recognized by many fashion women and has a stable customer base. The performance of each store is very gratifying.
After years of steady development, Shenzhen Chuanger Fashion Co., Ltd. has formed a complete set of strict management system, complete staffing and the pursuit of perfect business philosophy. After great success in the fashion field,
Shenzhen Chuanger Fashion Co., Ltd. is actively expanding the concept of miss k brand to other industries, making full use of brand value to form a diversified operation.

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