Laik originated in the Netherlands, known as the "Kingdom of Tulips," the Netherlands, initially it is a designer brand, is the famous Dutch designer Keith Lincolon specifically for the age of 18 to 45 years, positive urban upstart tailored fashion Underwear brand . They love Love, Ability, Intelligence, Keen and are well-educated and passionate about social activities. "Fashion, health, comfort," the brand design concept and the Nordic concise pure design style perfect combination, is a continuation and brings together the traditional European culture and modern fashion brand.

Laik内衣 崇尚健康舒适

Laik product line includes fashion underwear, fashion underwear, underwear, fashion socks, fashion home clothing and other fashion accessories and so on. Laik since its inception, adhere to innovative fashion, the pursuit of the perfect quality never ending, won the European, American and Asian consumers. "At your fingertips, the skin is speechless," is what Laik has to say about modern underwear.

Men Swimwear

For our men swimwear product, we use the high quality and comfortable material to make them, they are soft and perfect fit. The special dyeing process can protect the color fastness. We have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery, welcome to our shop for more details!

Men Swimwear

Mens Briefs,Mens Swim Trunks,Mens Boxers,Board Shorts

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