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VIEGELIS brand women's 2012 autumn and winter new products

FashionableLife, a fashionable lifestyle embodied by the VIEGELIS brand under the international banner, pursues the unique style of "fashion, individuality" without losing the elegance, which reflects the urban life of urban women. It is Ran International's sincere pursuit of every piece of clothing. In recent years, with a bold and innovative design concept, the design team has continued the new era of women, young and energetic fashion, often organized professional R & D team to study abroad to absorb the latest fashion information.
In the system construction and management, the company attaches great importance to the introduction of a large number of talented people, the building of a militarized team, efficient and scientific management, and integrates the resources of the same industry with each other and helps each other with the spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, leanness and high efficiency" , To explore together, carefully to provide consumers with more and better quality products, so that consumers enjoy more surprises and happiness!

VIEGELIS品牌女装 引领现代高档的都市时尚生活

VIEGELIS brand women's 2012 autumn and winter new products

design concept:

"VIEGELIS • Wrigley" brand was born in southern Switzerland from an ancient town, a long history of cultural heritage. Since the end of World War II, the economy of the town has slowly reached its peak, and the nomadic industry and the textile industry have become the bright spots of economic growth at that time. Nowadays, people in the area are always wearing the clothing to keep the military style of that era, The unique style of fashion, vintage, wild, rebellious and sexy, combines the fashion elements of Europe and South Korea to become the pursuit of independence, freedom, the pursuit of fashion and high-quality modern women's life needs, the atmosphere of simple casual fashion clothing shape Competent unique style, tailor-fit, with the classic approach to portray the contemporary atmosphere of different cultures and lifestyles, reflecting the new era of women's unique personal charm. Their neutral personality and elegant beauty has led the modern urban fashion.

Vickers logo design by a military medal and VIEGELIS the first letter V Medal Internal structure incorporates the English name of VG's abbreviation "VG" and use the European lines of expression to fill the entire logo integrates Granville Grace's long history and culture and fashion of the military style, the logo revealed the atmosphere of the neutral fashion, reflects a high-end fashion life (FashionableLife).

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