As long as a strong hot August, cool days will greet you! Into September, the weather will become slightly cooler. How can I dress better in this cool early autumn? In short, girls can not dress without a "beautiful" word. Sleeve + skirts, simple and beautiful with the essential autumnal goods, take a look at today Xiaobian bring the love of fashion ladies now!


A word shoulder is a very fashionable and sexy style, showing the natural charm of women. This pure white lace word shoulder, with the element of the hook flower, to bring women a sweet feeling. Coupled with a black waist umbrella skirt, so you look more tall and outstanding. Wear high heels, is definitely the best mix of early autumn.

清凉初秋怎么穿 中袖服饰一件搞定

The more simple the more classic, black and white stripes in the shirt, simple and elegant, while the girl's skin lining more white. With a black pleated skirt, worried about the flesh of thighs can be good hide Oh! A simple match with an exquisite ornaments, Li was temperament. Carry a beautiful little bag, travel to work are very suitable!

Photo credit: Women's store

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