AKCLUB gave the name A SPACE ODYSSEY to the Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 Spring/Summer Show, in order to practice the multiple inspirations of the "Odyssey" in the journey of yearning for space and exploring space.

The keen-minded designers have never stopped exploring the clothing high-tech hidden in space technology to meet the most extreme application needs. On the grid plane where the sense of space and the sense of the future are interlaced, the mysterious vitality of the universe's science and technology is swayed and stretched, and the inspiration from outer space emerges leaps and bounds. The AKCLUB show will integrate military flight, especially the obsession with old military uniforms and unique pragmatism aesthetics into the new season series, opening an extraordinary space exploration trip.

AKCLUB delves into the neglected details in the past, exploring the space elements outside the spacesuit. The one-piece overalls worn by the astronauts on the spacecraft have been deconstructed and reorganized to expand into a new context and become a key application of functional details such as pockets and decorations. The multi-dimensional and profound mystery of the spacesuit is hidden in the rigorous and individualized details. In the outstandingly designed long semi-custom coat, the subtle subtleties that are not easily detectable will become the focus.

It is particularly worth mentioning that minimalism is the biggest highlight of this season. Whether it is a double-sided interpretation that condenses rich details and "the most complex goes to the most simple", or the loose tailoring that expresses the design concept with a unique minimalist narrative, it shows the infinite charm of "simplicity beats the complex", and it is open to the core audience. Favorite aesthetic enjoyment.

In the choice of fabrics and colors, environmental protection materials and craftsmanship are loaded, and existing archives are explored in depth and taken from materials. The use of wool or waterproof fabrics, specially treated fabrics, and cold-proof technology materials aerogel on spacesuits, combined with blue Space tones such as, gray, black, cream and navy blue, as well as regular bright color schemes such as red, yellow, and orange, bring out refreshing color schemes.

This year is destined to be the year when China’s aerospace industry takes off. The core module of the Chinese space station "Tianhe" was successfully launched; the Tianwen-1 probe landed on Mars, leaving a Chinese mark on Mars for the first time; and the Shenzhou 12 manned flight The mission was successfully completed...Looking up at the stars, the inter-stellar connections are within reach; down-to-earth, the cross-border cooperation between AKCLUB and China Aerospace | ASES is a commemoration and tribute to these great historical moments.

2021 marks the 60th anniversary of Gagarin, the first human astronaut, to enter space; October coincides with the successful completion of China's first manned flight by the space hero Yang Liwei 18 years ago. This year, the Shenzhou 12 return capsule successfully landed, and Shenzhou 13 will be ready to go again...On this special day, October 14, 2021, AKCLUB and China Aerospace|ASES deep cross-border linkage, invites you to set foot on space exploration together journey of.

You never expected the hidden eggs in this big show. Wang Xingren came on the runway for the first time to surprise and help out. As a mascot that will bring good luck to astronauts, Doggo has always been hailed as the guardian of the aerospace industry and the pioneer of space exploration. The debut of cute pets and flying into the universe, I would like to sincerely thank our partners PEBOT, a fashion brand for pets that focuses on pet clothing.

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