The value and role of tourmaline has been recognized by more and more people, so the market price of tourmaline has been rising continuously in recent years. For those who don't know about tourmalines, they often get into some misunderstandings when they buy.

Misunderstanding 1: I want to spend a small amount of money to buy the finest tourmaline

The price of the finest tourmaline is very expensive, so it is impossible to buy the finest tourmaline with very little money. Most of these are the means of business, they use the psychology of consumers who want to spend less money to buy the best things, to create some counterfeit tourmaline. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers must check the identification certificate or master some methods of identification.

Misunderstanding 2: I think that the nature of the tourmaline is hard and not afraid of falling.

The hardness of tourmaline is determined according to its resistance to scratching. The hardness of tourmaline is about 7~7.5. The higher the hardness of tourmaline, the smaller the toughness is, so it is more fragile.

Misunderstanding 3: Excessive pursuit of the perfection of the tourmaline

Some consumers choose to watch the tourmaline repeatedly, lest they buy a tourmaline with a trace of impurities or very fine cracks inside. In fact, the real pure natural tourmaline will have such small defects, as long as it does not affect the external beauty of the tourmaline, it is not a big problem. The fly in the ointment is the real charm of the tourmaline.

Only when you choose the most suitable price for your own needs, the tourmaline that suits your temperament will not regret it. Blindly obsessed with low prices or subtle flaws, you can't enjoy the true charm of Tourmaline. To learn more about jewelry, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network .

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