Dealers in the apparel market often say: 6.7.8 These months are the off-season for the apparel industry. However, as a women's clothing brand , it seems that there is no off-season situation. This is not the case, a new store in Guangxi Bose grand opening today. Here, we wish the new store opened, the business is booming, the source of wealth.


In the fashion industry, the season seems to have no substantial impact on some popular brands. Because it has its own stable market, has its own vast team of dealers, with a large number of loyal consumer groups to do the support, the brand in the market's development will be smooth sailing. Womenswear can continue to deliver good news in this so-called "off-season", showing its popularity among dealers and consumers in the market.


Of course, women's wear in 2008 began to enter the domestic market, after a short period of development, has occupied a certain market share in the market. In the "seasonal clothing, value for money" business purposes. To maximize the benefits and profit margins to meet the needs of the vast consumer groups and customers. Through low-cost and low-cost funds to sell quickly and efficiently, so as to achieve the "win-win and win-win" interaction with customers as the core of the humanistic management concept. Strive to "product" brand women do a good job. We deeply remember: you have the benefit, only our interests. I hope you and I work together to create "products" brilliant future.

Now the opening of the new store, it is proved that the comprehensive strength of women's clothing strong. If you want to know more about this brand at this moment. May wish to leave a message or call. Brand companies will have professionals for you to answer the questions related to joining, in the year of 2015 women's clothing look forward to joining you.

Printing Silk Face Cover

Mulberry silk mouth mask----Silk outside, cotton lining.
A natural sleep aid and eye relaxant made from 100% skin friendly silk. Only super soft, super smooth and light feather silk provides breathable, cool relaxing. relaxing mask found in world class hot springs. Due to the characteristics of silk, the ultimate beauty sleep is realized

Anti aging - Printing silk face with friction-less texture that gently interacts with your skin helps protect the delicate facial skin around your eyes by preventing bedding from leaving marks that can cause wrinkles and wrinkles.


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