In recent years, under the influence of the international financial crisis, China's garment industry was once in a downturn. In particular, garment enterprises engaged in the processing industry have undergone a series of baptisms and changes in their transformation and upgrading. At present, after more than two years of rest and recovery, according to insiders' analysis, China's garment industry has officially entered a period of recovery. Although the aftermath of the economic crisis is still on the rise, the costs of raw materials and labor shortage still exist. However, with the promotion of domestic demand A series of policy implementation, the general consumer mass has come out of the shadow of the economic crisis, this time is the best time for garment distributors to integrate resources for a new round of investment. However, how to choose a promising future with the lowest investment risk to get the highest profit return becomes the doubt of every clothing investment franchisee. The rapid development of KONZEN has provided an excellent option for garment distributors . The clothing consumers need is a good brand to invest in. In the post-crisis era, residents' spending increased and their purchasing power decreased. However, with the popularization of the Internet and the arrival of information society, the purchase demand of consumers still exists. On the basis of absorbing a large amount of external information, the cognition of fashion is more advanced, Request more international. Casual wear brand in the clothing category as a broad market platform, cost-effective clothing categories, is the first choice for franchisees, choose to join casual wear is equivalent to choose a huge buying market. KONZEN international men's fashion, fashion, sophisticated, the pursuit of personal taste, integration of European culture, art and life of the classic and essence of the magnificent design power and fashion culture, full of modern urban men's fashion charm of the knight style. As a KONZEN (Asia Pacific) operator Guangzhou Yuejie Garment Co., Ltd., KONZEN has become a strong adaptability in the Chinese market internationally renowned brands, but also with a strong competitive strength for the franchisee to provide generous conditions. KONZEN superior cost control, enabling partners to share more profit margins, the same time, the brand implementation of advertising support, shop support and shelf support and a series of strong support so that partners can grow rapidly, so as to create multiple 100 million yuan sales of the provincial market goals. KONZEN in the choice of franchisees hope to identify with corporate culture partners, in the market one or two commercial street shops or shopping malls counters, the shop area of ​​80-200 square meters in the best. KONZEN developed a reasonable order system, a generous rebate system for the franchisee to provide a powerful platform for information sharing, improve the training mechanism, timely support for the quarter tour shop, a professional shop guide, specialized professional operating services. Let more and more outstanding people in the post-crisis era to find their own investment breakthrough, to undertake the clothing market rebound spring, farther.

Naturally chic and embellished with an evocative hand blown glass, this Candle is filled with our signature botanical oil and natural wax blend. Our proprietary Eco Wick adds an organic illumination to enhance any environment.

The classic combination that evokes memories of warm, cosy nights in by the fire. Made with soy wax for long lasting, less soot and better scent throw.

We-Shijiazhuang huaming candle CO., Ltd –is a professional manufacturer ands exporter for candles.
Total area: 20,000 square meters
Fixed assets:RMB 10 million
Total empolees: 260
Facility: 500
Production Capacity: 1800MT/Month
We mainly produce White candle, Bright candle, Tea-light candle, Spiral candle, Church candle, Taper candle and Gift candle. By the high quality and competitive price, our goods find a very good market in Africa, the Middle East,Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America, in more than 30 countries and regions. 
Keeping the principle of "Customer first; reliable service", we are doing every effort to thank good cooperation and great support from our customers with our continuous process, good products, competitive price and circumspect service.
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Frosted Jar Candles

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