Kana & nami, a fast-expanding fashion brand owned by Fuxin and Xuan Garment Co., Ltd.

Kana & nami, whose brand name is derived from the Chinese "Kana & Nami", expresses a life style of "having a sweet friendship and a romantic life and being a delicate and lovely little woman", creating a distinctive and distinctive style for consumption Fashion brand. It reflects the urban women self-confidence, elegant and modern temperament.

The brand's design concept, in the perfect blend of art and commerce, to break the routine, to start the concept of mashup era. From design to technology, from color to plate, from the details to match, all "mixed" in elegant, so that women become a fashion brand ambassador.


Brand origin

Idea - Mature girl doing lovely woman

kana & nami, a fast-expanding fashion brand owned by Fuxin and Noble Garments Co., Ltd., seems to inadvertently grasp the people's attention and become a hot topic in fashion circles.

kana & nami, the brand name from the Chinese "Garnett & Nimei", to express is a "have a sweet friendship and romantic life, to be a delicate and lovely little woman" attitude to life, to create a consumer style highlight, Different fashion brands.

加奈&奈美时尚女装 做一个精致又可爱的小女人

design concept

The perfect fusion of art and commerce, is kana & nami, the source of endless charm. She is the first to break the routine, the concept of mix and match fashion brand. From design to technology, from color to the plate, from the details to match, all "mixed" was elegant.

Kana & nami draw inspiration from films, music, paintings, and other arts, combine the latest trends and inspire creativity to show the elegant and modern temperament of women with self-confidence and heart.

加奈&奈美时尚女装 做一个精致又可爱的小女人

Brand Development

1, kana & nami offers stylish, middle-class women at affordable prices rich and sophisticated fashion products, and is an indispensable beauty partner in women's life with stylish, professional and meticulous service.

2, kana & nami love the movie's aesthetic language, express the film, art and aesthetics sincere respect. Many women have chosen to use kana & nami to express the stylish modern city temperament.

3, uphold the business philosophy of combining art and business, kana & nami change the way women dress, but also the artistic and fashion aesthetic taste continue to spread people.

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