[China Glass Network] With the development of the market economy, the role of advertising is becoming more and more important. How to make your own ads attract customers and produce persuasive effects is an urgent task for advertisers. Below, the author combines some examples of successful advertising to talk about some common persuasion techniques in product advertising.

First, highlight the key points .

It is common for some advertisements to be advertised for the goods, all in one face, lest you miss any advantage. The result is that it is difficult for customers to make an impression on the goods. The advertisements are good at grasping the more significant advantages of the products, and they are extremely capable of rendering, thus making a deep impression on the customers. Taiwan has an advertisement for selling Phillips coffee tea stove. The picture shows a Philips coffee tea stove, next to a cup of hot coffee. The advertisement captures the focus of coffee "fragrance" and repeatedly emphasizes:

In just a few minutes, the imported Philips coffee tea stove can present the sweetness of the coffee beans in your cup.

The Philips coffee tea stove with special filter device not only makes the coffee beans mellow, but also because of its accurate temperature control function, so that every brewing is consistent and perfect.

After you understand, or use the Philips tea stove, I believe you will also think that: the fragrant coffee beans and the advanced Philips coffee tea stove, can be said to be a perfect match!

In this example of advertising, the author focused on “fragrance” and grasped the advantages of the Philips tea stove to completely brew the aroma of the coffee beans, which left a deep impression on the customers.

Second, create suspense .

For advertising to be successful, it is more important to motivate customers to watch advertising. Many advertisements are cleverly designed to create a suspense that causes customers to guess and then launch the advertising object. For example, a few decades ago, Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang first went to Shanghai to perform, and the theater owner bought the entire front page of a famous newspaper in Shanghai and made a big advertisement. On the day before yesterday, only three words were printed on the whole version - Mei Lanfang. Everyone couldn't understand what it meant, and immediately caused interest and speculation. The next day, the newspaper still had these three words. Curious people have called the newspapers, and the newspapers replied: "See you tomorrow." Because of the mystery caused by advertising, more and more people are paying attention. Until the next day, the full-page advertisement published a small line of words under the word "Mei Lanfang":

Mei Lanfang, Peking Opera, and X-Day Seat XX Theatre performed Peking Opera "Cosmic Front", "Golden Drunk" and "Farewell My Concubine".

This advertisement has aroused the curiosity of Shanghai people. Everyone flocked and wanted to get a sneak peek. Mei Lanfang’s performance in Shanghai was a great success, and this advertisement has become a classic in the history of Chinese advertising.

Third, compliment customers .

Advertising is to encourage customers to buy goods, and from this point it is demanding. Therefore, some advertisers adopt such a communication technique to satisfy customers and satisfy their vanity, so that customers are willing to pay for an advertisement product. For example, there is a pair of jeans, the picture is a person wearing a pair of jeans that are not suitable. The title of the ad is: "Your size is beautiful, but your jeans are disproportionate." This is obviously complimenting customers. Then subtly praise the customers:

Under the proportion of the wrong jeans, the beautiful body will be deformed. That's why it's important to wear jeans that show you the better side.

This advertisement captures the weakness of human nature, first of all praising the customer and making it feel good.

And once the customer has a good impression on you, is it difficult to ask him to save money?

Fourth, the right words are counter-introduction .

Advertising is naturally a positive publicity, that is, the advantages of your own products are fully displayed in front of customers. However, customers who listen to "quality is superior" and "more advantageous" are more likely to give rise to rebellious psychology. In view of this, some advertisements adopt the method of “righteous remarks”, which not only regards the advantages as disadvantages, but also avoids the suspicion of boasting and is easy for customers to accept. This advertising technique is used in the advertisement of the "Lion" safe:

The lion brand safe with a unit price of 420 yuan, do not have to go to people to call, call us 2598 phone, immediately sent. The disadvantage of the lion's safe in the user's hand is that it is locked with a password and must be unlocked with a password. Otherwise, you have to use a welding torch to cut, this is the way. If you have difficulty remembering your password, please do not use the lion safe to avoid trouble.

The safe uses a combination lock, and its anti-theft function is greatly enhanced. If you make a positive publicity and say that your own safe uses a password lock, outsiders must use a welding torch to cut it. It is easy for customers to feel that you are bragging about yourself, which creates a feeling of distrust. In this case, the "locking with a password" is said to be a shortcoming of its own product, which is obviously "right to say", but it is deeply impressed.

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