This is a popular era, with the trend of the trend, more and more fashion fans a bit lost the direction of young and tender face must control the makeup of the moment? Oriental women petite body to follow the mix of black and gray Metal European and American street Fan? Find a loyal Asian-style dress era, ladies fashion fans should go in the right direction. Dotacoko 2013 spring and summer of which there is a color, it seems that this colorful spring is not very blending, unexpectedly introduced in black and white colors domineering simple goddess, creating elegant and handsome minimalist fashion!

帛可 - dotacoko

dotacoko women 's spring and summer this year, a change of sweet fashion past, with black and white color to create elegant and capable, simple white T with black shorts, white belt to make the color easy to over, black sequined collarless small suits cool, embark on a white zebra Hate heaven, create a handsome girl.

dotacoko女装2013春夏  黑白时尚演绎极简品味

Affected by the small incense, dotacoko women's spring and summer this year also play a collection of elegant ladies and handsome simple as one of the simple little incense, figure left the black and white dress, either backing or single wear can love with the match, and Figure right personality black jacket, embellished with white trim, leaving full personality.

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