Hangzhou Ruima brand women in the low profile and neutral fashion look handsome and delicate soft, these days, the general warming of the country, MM who can fade heavy winter clothes, put on a light spring, although the " Spring cover autumn frozen ", but can not wear too much, the hot cold Oh. Knitted cardigan is a good choice in early spring, both to wear white and changeable style, but also to resist the temperature difference between morning and evening, Beauty Tips editing, season time is easy to catch a cold Oh, we must always feel at home, take care of yourself.


Striped knit cardigan fashion wild, is the best of this season's single product, within the ride chiffon shirt or cotton backing can be oh, the afternoon warm sunshine must not wear too much Oh, suffering from hot cold is also very uncomfortable what.

早春针织开衫不能少 Rhema女装春款丰富你的衣橱

1, have the ability to enrich the overall image of the brand, promote and maintain the brand image, reputation.
2, have a good investment mentality and risk awareness, there is a certain brand apparel operation experience, there is a strong brand management philosophy, the common development of confidence.
3, free property shop (lease for more than one year), the shop is located in the main shopping district of the main street.
4, shop practical area 40-60 square meters
5, in strict accordance with the company's design drawings decoration, and in the mid-term inspection and completion of acceptance, before the operation of the goods.
6, to comply with the signing of both parties to join the contract and the implementation of the company's policies.

Surfing Wetsuits focus on flexibility, waterproof and warm. Surfers surf in all seasons, so they will choose different thickness and different configuration of wetsuit according to different seasonal climate. In the summer, rashguard top and thinner wetsuit is most popular for surfers choosing. In the winter, thicker wetsuit will be choosed and the thermal linning and sealed will be asked to keep warm. Unlike diving activities, surfing is a activity on the water. There is no high requirement for the resistance of the pressure of seawater. The elasticity and warmth performance are extremely important.

Surfing Wetsuits

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