In many places, it will be colder in autumn and winter, especially in the north. If the southerners go to the north, it is estimated that they will not be able to endure the cold there. So they choose the Clothing will choose thick and warm style, style models, watermelon prince have a lot of opinions, take a look at it. Winter usually snow, we all know that snow is not cold, cold snow, but this is a natural phenomenon we can not control, only in the dress, watermelon Prince children's clothing to teach you how to choose the child's warm clothing, these two Paragraph down jacket style, not only can warm and very stylish Oh, light green wave point girl down jacket, that is, young and beautiful, but also cute and playful, boys down jacket is pure color style, vitality orange color more prominent boy vitality. This color is absolutely nice in winter. In addition to down jacket can be warm, there are windbreaker style cotton clothing, the same can be warm. This is not as bloated down jacket, but also to keep warm. Get along well with the United States Oh, the same orange style, with a black and white plaid scarf, warm and handsome.