Once upon a time, diamond jewellery was one of the most popular decorations in the upper class. Among the diamonds of various colors, the mysterious black diamonds, combined with the rare amount, are particularly precious. The black and bright and opaque black diamonds have become the mystery of many people. So why is the black diamond coming from, why is it so popular?

Although the diamond is very hard, it is brittle and has a shell-like shape. The hardness and toughness of a diamond cannot be confused. Diamonds are afraid of heavy blows or beatings, and heavy blows can cause the diamond to break in the direction of cleavage. Therefore, care must be taken when processing, wearing or storing diamonds.

A black diamond (carbonado) is a collection of tiny black or dark diamond crystals that are tough and dense. They used to be inferior diamonds, industrial drills, and are commonly used in drill bits and grinding wheels. Nowadays, black diamonds have become the new favorite of fashion jewelry.

In recent years, black diamonds have become a trend in the jewelry market. Many designers also like to use black diamonds to do design matching. The most common is the simple combination of black and white. This combination of strong contrasts also shows a unique sense of nobleness. In addition, the glittering luster of its black surface also contains a mysterious trait. In the recent popular retro style, represented by Victorian jewelry style, black diamond has become a new favorite of fashion. Not only are jewellery designers competing to adopt, but even some high-end watches use it as a decoration material, and they have a black whirlwind in the fashion world.

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