What kinds of Nanyang jade are there? Everyone knows Dushan jade. In fact, this Dushan jade is Nanyang jade. It is a special product of Nanyang, the only jade species in the country. It occupies a large position in the jade market, and can be divided into the following categories according to the color.

Nanyang jade variety

The varieties of Dushan jade can be divided into five categories according to color:

Bai Dushan jade: mainly milky white. With a gray hue and a pink hue, it has a slightly transparent feel, such as water white jade, dry white jade, cream white jade, black and white jade and hibiscus jade.

Green Dushan jade: mainly green, emerald green. There are varieties of green jade, sapphire, sky blue jade, etc., the color is like jade, translucent to slightly transparent.

Purple Dushan jade: lavender spots on the dark green texture, opaque, purple jade bright brown jade and other varieties.

Huang Dushan jade: It is uniform yellow green or olive yellow green, also known as orange jade.

Variegated Dushan jade: There are two or more types of Dushan jade, such as Moyu, Cuibaiyu, Caihuayu, Wuhuayu, Zhongcaiyu, Zeyu, and Black Flower Jade.

The above five categories are sky blue, transparent water white, hibiscus, green jade, the highest value of Nanyang Dushan jade, and jade jade is only three or four colors, jade is only red, green, white, purple five or six colors, and the color is clear, Does not have the excessive color of Dushan jade. Therefore, the identification of Dushan jade is very easy to do.

The quality of Dushan jade is delicate, pure, and pure in color, which is very popular among people. It was sought after by collectors a long time ago. Today, Dushan jade in Nanyang is quite popular in the market. About the brand of Nanyang Yu, we will introduce this to you briefly.

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