It is reported that 2014 China (Dalian) International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Fair scheduled for April 17, 2014 -19 at the Dalian World Expo Plaza was held. The market shows that the textile industry is the basis for garment enterprises to survive. Today, the brand garment enterprises have evolved from a homogenous style that is regularly updated to a rapidly changing individual idea, and the speed of updating is faster and faster. This change quickly increased the frequency of innovation for fabric and yarn manufacturers as well as the competitiveness of yarn manufacturers and added value. According to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, the exhibition adhering to the "service concept that allows customers to do business more convenient" to establish innovation, enhance the brand image of high-quality textile and accessories, and promote the development of high-quality surface and accessories market, but also to help Dalian as the core, Garment enterprises in surrounding provinces and municipalities will accumulate industrial strength and enhance development space. In addition, the exhibition will also set up a display area for the future trend of Chinese textile fabrics and accessories, aiming at the heavy-duty enterprises, fine fabrics and functional auxiliary materials areas of the assembly and auxiliary yarn industry, and will focus on the excellent products of exhibitors in the form of fashion trends At the same time, the scene will also have a fashion swimsuit fabric T Taiwan show, the trend of the Forum conference and the modernization of intelligent clothing equipment, the force was advanced and intelligent display on display from the intelligent instead of artificial intelligent upgrade. Of course, through this "on-site" exchange platform, exhibitors will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their research and development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities. It will also provide buyers with a quick and accurate way to understand quality exhibitors' products and products and achieve a one-stop shopping tour Service, which has also become one of the highlights of this exhibition. It is understood that, as of now, there have been Suzhou Hommell, Wuxi colorful wool, Tangshan Mingda Yongye Textile hundreds of well-known enterprises from home and abroad to sign up for exhibitors, more from the face materials industry cluster enterprises exhibitors, the current Look, this exhibition will also attract more companies to join. . . For more information please pay attention to the official website or call the toll-free hotline 4006-0532-08 Consulting

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