[China Glass Network] Website promotion taboo one: the production of white paper, the process of the website promotion, the more important thing is to seek truth from facts, can not be used for the introduction of traffic, such as a star family, you actually want to promote the website It is simply said that the negative information about her is simply confusing. Therefore, even if it is promoted, it must be promoted in good faith.

Just as people often say that they are standing like a person, how can the website be done to see what type of person the webmaster is, of course, this is what experts who have seen psychology say, the author has not yet reached this realm. It’s not often said on TV that it’s really impossible to fake. Can’t it be fake? So, don’t treat your target users as fools, use fake information or fake materials to fool them, for those IPs. If you are short-term, then it is available. I think most of the webmasters are not short-term websites. Do you rely on these IPs to make big money, look long-term, and honest people like them.

Website promotion taboo 2: Three days of fishing for two days in the process of website promotion, this attitude is more important. Everyone knows that website promotion can't be successful in one day and two days. Website promotion is a long-term process of persistence. It has not happened in one step. Therefore, I also advise you not to fantasize. For website promotion, attitude is also It's important because attitudes will determine how long you can stick and what you can promote. Therefore, the website promotion is more taboo is to push it today, and then come again every few days or even a week later, this promotion is not called promotion, this is called the clock is not Yan, nothing to Xia Yingchun. Long-term persistence is a necessary spirit for the webmaster.

Website promotion taboo 3: The method is dead. The person who is alive will only use other people's methods to promote it and will not improve the method. The used webmaster will not promote success. The method shared by others is that others are using it. When summing up, it is not that he himself knows that he is doing exactly the same when he is doing it. Therefore, when we use other people’s methods, we must understand the analysis and leave it good. If you remove it and replace it with your own one, wouldn't it be your own method? That's why some people can use the forum to promote it, and some people can't do it even better than they can. This is the gap. Every method is dead. Only the human head is alive. Therefore, when we use other people's methods, we should first imitate, then improve, and then transcend. Only then will you promote success and be unbeaten. The land, because you have your own killer!

Website promotion taboo 4: Seven points of interest, three points of hard work website promotion is not a more important interest, but persistence and unremitting efforts, so that there is a chance to succeed. If you are doing a station that relies entirely on interest, then when your interest is reduced, is it that the website is forgotten? So the promotion of the website is not just a matter of blood, but more importantly, it is understood. Persevere, as the saying goes: Do stand and expensive. Then website promotion is more important to persevere. Only in this way can your website stand out in the Wanhua Group and become a webmaster who laughs happily. It’s impossible to rely solely on interest. Throughout the ages, people who have done things by interest have gradually become obscured. On the contrary, those who have worked hard to occupy a more important position have seen spring.

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