Valentino has always been romantic, come this fall and winter, two creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo, with sophisticated floral patterns spell stereoscopic Plaid, but also the contrast of light and dark velvet and chiffon, the brand is timeless and immortal Classic design for a new interpretation, whether it is elegant and elegant cut tailored dress, or long sleeves woven eggplant, like the fairy tale in the beautiful actress bring the real world. Modern Cinderella Valentino two designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli successors have been more than capable, elegant to continue, but also the brand rejuvenation. This season to get the best of the velvet and floral patterns to the shoes, using expensive hand-sewn, to achieve the effect of three-dimensional and perspective, stunning each pair of shoes seem like an incarnation of glass shoes. Nude color nude color appears to have become Valentino's main color, which is almost skin tone, fall into this elegant brand, but has a different noble definition. Nude color thin chiffon, coupled with flashing patterns, or soft leather materials, coupled with lace pattern cutting, are full of strong romantic atmosphere. A glimpse of the chic and tailored dress, nude gauze, lace and leather, these romantic women's ultimate, all highlights the expensive handmade and luxury status of Valentino clothing, in the fall and winter perspective of the popular trend, the brand is To multi-level sense of penetration to explain what is elegant and sexy. How powerful combination of multi-element gadget? In fact, Valentino alone more and more diversified gadgets, you can know one or two, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli continue to concoct this season, brilliant accessories, whether nest nail, flounce, lace and flowers, Both show a brand new style and changeable side. Animal myth This autumn and winter, the major designers have used animal elements, has always been Elegant Valentino, seems to have joined the battle circle, in addition to continue to launch eternal immortal velvet, flounces and flowers as the main beat, Peacock feather pattern design, but also this can not be ignored another focus to colorful peacock feather pattern, printed on the high-quality horse hair material evenly, creating a little three-dimensional sense of the design characteristics of an anti-brand has always been Steven's established image.

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