In the early winter season, Dujiaying, Yongji City, a traditional cotton-producing village famous for nearly every family, has piles of cotton harvested this year that are difficult to sell. The reporter learned that because the purchase price was upside down, the farmers reluctantly sold and no one bought. At present, the sales volume of seed cotton in the four major cotton producing areas in Yongji, Linyi, Salt Lake and Lucheng is less than 30%, which is far below 95% in the same period of last year.

This year, the cotton spring sowing area in Yuncheng City is 1,018,200 mu, the total output of seed cotton is 199 million kg, and the total output of lint cotton is 71.5 million kg. However, due to the rare continuous rainy weather since late August, only a small amount of seed cotton picked before the rain is grade 3, about 75% is below grade 4, and more than 20% is cotton. As a result of the decline in the quality of cotton, the purchase price of seed cotton has dropped correspondingly. The current purchase price is RMB 3.2-3.5 per Jin, and the seed cotton price subject to rain is only RMB 2. This kind of acquisition price is unacceptable to cotton farmers. What's more worrying is that there is no market for prices.

Due to the impact of drought and flood, the investment in irrigation, materialization, labor, etc. in the cotton production process this year has increased. The investment per mu is between 1,000 yuan and 1,200 yuan. If calculated according to the current purchase price, it is not profitable to grow cotton, and the size of contracted land growers will have to make a serious loss. In the face of price inversion, most farmers have no choice but to reluctantly sell. At the same time, because the acquisition and processing companies waited and waited to avoid risks, the acquisition was almost stagnant.

Faced with piles of cotton, Yuncheng cotton farmers are helpless and sad. Dujiaying cotton farmers told the reporter that if the price of cotton does not rebound in the later period, the enthusiasm of the cotton seeds will be greatly frustrated.

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