Red has always been a symbol of auspicious festivities since ancient times. She has surpassed the popular elements and became a must-have sign for the New Year. With its original design of exquisiteness, fashion, elegance and integration of eastern and western cultures, " Love " creates beauty for women, transports love and shows the charm of women.

爱慕 - Aimer

European imports of embroidery lace fabric, strong sense of three-dimensional, visual rich, gorgeous, with flash stretch warp, strong gloss, highlight the exquisite appearance of embroidery lace, highlighting the noble femininity; classic 3/4 non-woven cup, with good Of the supporting and inclusive, so exercise more freedom; heart in front of delicate metal pendant decoration, even more prominent attractive cleavage, modeling simple, sexy shot.

爱慕开运红品迎新年  选对你的红色风格

Beautiful bra design with fine embroidery lace, modeling is like exquisite jade carved exquisite foliage, embroidery thread twisting and fine metal wire glittering like a looming luster, showing a mature female elegance and elegant style; classic 3/4 thick mold Cup, shaping effect is good, can effectively gather together the chest, beautiful full marks anytime, anywhere; comfortable in the shape of the chicken heart, can be a good solid stereotypes to show charming cleavage, deep V shape design, easy to wear with low-cut coat, Sexy curve.

2U Server Chassis is also called the 2u rack Server Chassis. The rack mount is suitable for a 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the external dimensions of the server, and the height of 2u server chassis is 44.445mmX2. 2u server chassis is an important part of the server accessories. Its main function is to place and fix each server accessory, which plays a supporting and protecting role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role of electromagnetic radiation shielding. It is sconstituted a chassis shell, a bracket, a cooling fan, a hard disk connection board, a hard disk box, a panel, a switch, and an indicator light.

2U Server Chassis

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