Jade must first understand jade, jade is also beautiful stone, this is the ancient definition of jade. From a wide range, there are only two kinds of jade. That is jade and nephrite. Hard jade refers to jade, produced in Myanmar, with A goods, B goods, C goods. There are many types, the most pure glass is purely gem-quality; the soft jade is produced in China, Russia, Afghanistan, Singapore, Brazil and other places. China's Hetian jade is the representative of nephrite, among which white jade is the best, and the white fat jade is especially rare, which is comparable to the gem.

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As far as the domestic market is concerned, there are many places where jade is produced and new varieties are still increasing, such as Luoyang Plum Blossom Jade and Qinghai Jade. It can be said that the jade is spread all over the land of China. Since ancient times, there have been four famous jade articles, such as Tian Yu, Dushan jade, Lantian jade, and jade jade. They are produced in Hetian County, Xinjiang, China, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Lantian County, Shaanxi Province, and Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province.

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Play jade when starting from the new jade, because jade is generally more than 500 years under natural conditions, weathering and skin color deterioration (referring to the storage of jade, often jade with jade and patina is very warm) and new jade More intuitive and easy to identify. The new jade that appears on the market today is the jadeite produced in Myanmar and the Hetian jade and Xinjiang jade, Dushan jade, jade jade, Lantian jade, Afghan jade, Qinghai jade, Kunlun jade, Anhui jade and Hebei jade. Hetian jade and Russian jade and Kunlun jade belong to the Kunlun Mountains, and the jade is similar and difficult to identify. If there is more contact, you can still find out the difference. Although the Afghan white jade is very similar to Hetian jade, the Afghan jade is not warm and has a very low hardness. Strictly speaking, it is not a nephrite. It is the same as the white marble. Nanyang Dushan jade and Liaoning jade jade have obvious characteristics and are easy to distinguish. Lantianyu has argued in the past. Some people suspect that Lantian does not produce jade. In recent years, jade mines have been discovered in Lantian to prove ancient legends. Lantian jade is like serpentine. Its hardness is low. Other jade species have their own characteristics and have a lot to understand naturally. Knowing the new jade and knowing the old jade is difficult to refer to the appearance of the old jade has a layer of patina and sputum, it is difficult to argue its quality, so the counterfeiters are provided with a chance to rush.

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