DEESHA is dedicated to bringing this concept to every family in China. It is the love and nurturing of daughters. From the first time to the future, from the lovely girl to the grown-up woman, every girl Behind the princess are confident and strong, love and kindness, are moved and surprise that I believe I will bring to myself, bring to others and even brought to the world. Aesop's hooded pullover with a collarless long sleeve dress, the perfect show the unique flavor of sweet princess, with a combination of wear, but also can be worn separately and other clothes, practicality super oh. Between the traditional and the fashion, a stylish cloak with a sweet and well-behaved Peter Pan collar, so that the whole Yi Yi full British retro atmosphere, hit the use of more layered color sense, elegant and generous and a little well-behaved , Let the children go to school or go out are very stylish Oh.

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