The poet Cao Zijian of the Three Kingdoms era has "graceful fiber, repair conciseness. Shoulder if cut, waist as prime" of the vocals, simple and plain few sentences to live out a graceful graceful figure of the woman, being posterity To describe the symmetry of a woman's body. Shapely, that is, S-type body, is the most ideal state of female beautiful body.


卡诗贝尔时尚内衣 让每位女性都可以拥有S型身材

Karlsbad fashion lingerie , to create an ordinary woman's Garden of Eden, so that every woman can have a proud figure, in the concept of Kessel Bell underwear, body size and size, the curve is the truth. Blooming femininity, without restraint, only comfortable. We do not sell underwear, just want to care about you, is your growth girlfriends. With meticulous care, release the woman's beautiful attitude. Beautiful declaration - confident, comfortable, natural beauty.

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