December 28, 2013, China's first children's beetle children's original brand to declare war on illegal sales! ! ! Dear family, beetle house is like the children of all dealers, we need force to protect, but the current network of illegal low-cost sales actually like indulge condoned their own children, seemingly "love", in fact, "harm"! I hope all beetle house families keep the bottom line, resist the temptation, not for a little benefit, ruined everyone over the years to work together to create a career platform! Beetle house brand hereby solemnly declare: Beetle House sales of all network channels 2013 autumn and winter products are unauthorized counterfeit products, consumer rights and product quality can not be guaranteed, pro, go to beet house formal physical channels to buy favorite products, To avoid buying defective goods online and fake! Beetle House brand entities across the country stores, counters will be happy to provide you with the best quality, most thoughtful products and services! Welcome to buy! ! ! I wish you a happy weekend shopping! ! !

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