Chinese New Year is coming, your shop's window is the same as always? New Year's atmosphere is not, but also to help your shop also put on new clothes, children's clothing shop how to match it? Wang Xiaohe children's clothing shop to teach you how to match. Wang Xiao He itself is more festive clothes, so dress up will be a lot simple, Wang Xiaohe mainly red clothing, so that every major occasion there will be Wang Xiaohe appear, the shop is divided into two sides, bright red series, and light red series, See what kind of red you prefer, Nakajima is a red Chinese knot hanging, very New Year atmosphere it? Wang Xiaohe children's clothing island display, red skirts with style, three-dimensional display, as well as tricks, an album of clothing store, people feel into the store a thick New Year atmosphere, the mothers should prepare for the New Year's clothing children Wang Xiao-hei red clothing style, is your good choice.

Stripe Jumpsuit

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