Leather clothing has always been very popular, but now the phenomenon of fake filling is too serious, consumers are often easily cheated. Today Xiaobian teach you how to identify the quality of leather garments, how to identify the authenticity of leather garments quality. Leather fabric classification: generally divided into cowhide leather, goat leather, sheep leather, pig leather and horse leather. Goat leather fiber structure than the sheep leather fiber structure is detailed, the strength is also higher than the sheep leather, leather clothing is the preferred fabric. Goat leather is characterized by meticulous surface, close fiber, a large number of fine cashmere, pores semicircular arrangement, feel tough, soft, flexible, and sheep leather surface loose, small pores, soft touch. High-quality natural leather soft, full, crisp, good air permeability, strong tensile, bending, tear strength and other properties have reached the standard, as long as properly maintained, "aging" is very slow. The quality of leather garments mainly in the following areas: color fastness, coating adhesion, materials, leather strength, processing and so on. When consumers buy leather, pay attention to the following points: Be sure to identify the trademark of leather, specifications, manufacturer's name and address, do not buy without the registered trademark, did not indicate the manufacturer's products; Second, leather apparel should not fade , Split the phenomenon of pulp, pulp and other phenomena, the feeling should be full and flexible, the whole color clothes the same, no color, color, smooth leather, grain detailed; third is a "touch" Look". "Touch" to feel soft, plump, good elasticity, "smell" to be no heavy smell to tasteless as well, "look" depends on the entire clothing is too thin, with or without loose surface, the shell, peel off. Generally three or four pigs or five or six sheep can make a leather coat, so the overall effect of the leather coat should be thin, thick, with the right colors, the smaller the difference between the primary and secondary, the better. Fullness and non-loose surface is the essence of leather quality test points. Leather feel plump is the process of decentralized decentralized fibers, did not suffer too much loss, so that the skin fibers still maintain a certain spatial configuration and good flexibility. Loose refers to the leather grain surface layer of air-laid loose, reduced density, the test, the leather can be bent inward grain surface 90 degrees, the grain appeared on the larger wrinkles, flatten, the wrinkles can not be completely disappeared surface. How to check the leather: look bleaching. Select the minor parts of the leather, such as the collar behind the clothes inside or skirt parts, with cotton wool stained with water squeezed hand squeeze dry, select a 10cm long section of the leather on the back with a cotton sponge 20 times to observe the absorbent cotton Whether stained with color, if the stained color is heavy, dark or dark gray, is a nonconforming product. Experimental test: General leather wet wipe rating of three (see the color of leather inspection station standard card). Look at the surface of the cracked pulp off the situation, or in the secondary parts, rub with both hands for two or three minutes after the stretch, the observation of the leather surface, with or without tears, can not afford to slag, if there is a gap, slag phenomenon is unqualified . You can also use your fingers to lift the leather from the inside, while rubbing the top part of a few hand rubs, such as the surface coating off, then the slurry, indicating that the coating is not strong. Finally, look at the strength of the leather itself, the most important indicator of leather strength tear strength, the laboratory test is cut in the diamond a diamond-shaped hole, and then hook with a hook on the Rally, under a certain tension, look at this Whether the mouth continues to tear large. Visual inspection can be based on this principle, the minor parts of the leather cut a small mouth, gently breaking a hand, if the incision site deformation, tearing strength is not enough. You can also use moderate force to pull the seams, if there is a trend of tearing is unqualified; you can also force the fingers to pull the top leather from the inside, if cracked surface and split pulp are unqualified products. Leather accessories inspection: Leather life is very long, high quality leather accessories, zippers, buttons are generally bronze superior products, leather linings and more use of high quality silk production. High-quality leather feel soft, lubricated, flexible, wrinkled by hand can quickly disappear, all parts of the leather uniform thickness, wearing comfortable, equatorial, crisp, not hard or soft board. Leather oil leather production using soft leather, grain clear, smooth, grain light sense of strong, has become the main material of high quality leather production, and the widespread use of double needle sewing.

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