After the Christmas carnival, how to make every day of the New Year happy season wear out different styles, leave a good impression on the commuter day before the holidays? betu recommended for you three sets of commuter Queen fan coat with LOOK, both to increase the martial arts career field, but also enhance the degree of fashion wear at the end of the year to prepare a new image of it!

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In winter khaki is a very popular color, while the contrasting white is always the outline of women's fresh art van. Khaki woolen jacket, exquisite waist style in the upscale fur collar embellishment, but also shows the wearer's tall and elegant. Washed blue and white old denim shirt with a white pullover, full of mix and match style, under the woolen coat more kind of modern color.


Plaid in the winter fashion stage is still the leader. Classic and generous black and white grid wool coat, simple and elegant style exudes a strong aura, with international standard double-breasted handsome, North mustard yellow sweater and sexy locomotive Slim leather pants, cool taste of people Shock.


Love shopping girl may have found this year's solid color storm, counter in the major shopping malls, there may be no down jacket, but certainly not without solid color coat. Romantic sweet nude color wool coat, H profile cover small flaws, with a white chiffon shirt and black leggings, burgundy locomotives naked, stylish street style.

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