Recently, China's leading brand of children's products, started (China) Children's Products Co., Ltd. ABC brand held in Quanzhou grand - "Start, dream does not stop" ABC 2013 fall new conference. During the 4-day launch, distributors and guests from all over the country came together to discuss the development of the ABC brand. In 2012, influenced by the international macro-economy, the economy of China suffered a downturn and the apparel industry also suffered some negative effects. However, with the baby boom in China and the transformation of the modern family structure, China's children's products market still shows tremendous potential for growth. In the economic downturn and industry development is relatively difficult in 2012, ABC has maintained a strong upward trend. Terminal force to create a profit system Reporters learned from the ABC new conference, in recent years, with the ABC brand through the "quick strategy" of the introduction and implementation, ABC quickly became the industry's leading brand. In the pursuit of rapid development, ABC is also constantly strengthening the results of the consolidation and operational capacity improvement. (ABC brand new fall 2013 conference) 2012 is ABC brand upgrades and intensive year, through the introduction of the fourth generation of terminal image, enhance the brand image and establish a new benchmark for the development of the industry; and terminal profitability system construction projects Implementation, will be based on the original, to create a brand-specific terminal management system and management culture to further enhance the brand's terminal management and profitability. Industrial consolidation accelerated the pace of development In addition, the reporter also learned that the development of China's children's industry has begun to take shape, industrialization has become the future trend of development, starting group children's consumer value chain, innovation from the industrial model, the children's clothing industry chain Further efficient integration. With the start-up and construction of the new headquarters project of Qiaoxiang Industrial Park in Qingtian County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, and the start-up construction of the start-up industrial park in the south of the city of Huian in Fujian Province, the ABC brand will complete the integration in production, management, development, channels and terminals, Gradually complete the industrial diversification and upgrading of the industrial chain strategic layout, brand core competitiveness and overall strength will be greatly improved. Personalized products lead the industry trend It is reported that the ABC release of the new fall will be "love, let TA to create ideas," the brand concept into the product planning to "travel around the world" as a design inspiration, cleverly the global city, the world's humanities Evolved into childlike innocence, unique elements of the imagination of fashion. Conference released a total of bustling Eden, Jazz Boy, Le GO Fashion, Nabataishe legend and many other new products. Each series of ABC Autumn New Arrivals corresponds to a country's lifestyle and unique culture, and presents a feast of new products full of rich cultures and customs. It will provide lifestyle, learning, sports and play for modern urban family children Childlike wearing experience. ABC autumn new products fully demonstrated the brand's unique vitality and vitality, by participating dealers and guests highly appreciated. As well-known economist Lang Xianping in the "2013 China Economic Trend and Children's Products Industry Development Trend Forum" Weapon ABC brand said: "Positioning personalized products, follow the children's investment in consumer value chain to achieve efficient integration of the garment industry chain, Do 'noble and inexpensive products' is the international layout of China's children's products industry in the future. "We have reason to believe that in 2013 the ABC brand will certainly lead the children's shoes and apparel market.

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