Warmly celebrate the NE Li Si fashion womens Shenzhen Huaqiang North store grand opening! Shenzhen Huaqiang North as a bustling commercial street in Futian District, Shenzhen, its great heat is bound to Li Si store will bring unique business opportunities, and NE Li Si fashion simple store image, as well as the internal gorgeous generous display, Aesthetic classic clothing products to consumers a relaxing shopping experience! Welcome consumers to visit the purchase!




NE Li Si both Korean lady temperament, but also full of oriental pure virgin girl's rate, in every possible way, into the European classical style and exquisite nostalgic decorative elements ......

Li Si brand apparel emphasizes the natural clothing, unrestrained, stylish, elegant, designers of the color requirements and selection principles: natural undistorted, youthful bright and keep the vulgar.

Style of the main design ideas: emphasis on long-established, simple system, to avoid wearing cumbersome, emphasis on simple process, so that the cost reduction, which will help market and production of circulation and communication.

Li Si's design goal: to lead the popularization of fashion, so that urban women in leisure and fast-paced life calmly bloom beautiful vitality and self-confidence.

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