Korean Wave No. 19: Hyun Bin does not return because of short hair. Wig shop pushes various wigs.

South Korea’s popular idol, Hyun Bin’s resignation, caused quite a stir. And many fans are also very much looking forward to his return to the screen. However, the short hair has become a major obstacle to the return of Hyun Bin. To know the Korean idol drama, the Korean male star can focus on the image no less than the actress.

Therefore, at this time, some wig shops in South Korea were able to return quickly to Xuan Bin, finishing Xuan Bin’s masterpiece and trying to reproduce his classic style.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

"Love, Don't Love" Zhicheng's Wave Roll

With a blue shirt and a long hair, Hyun Bin interprets the image of a lonely man. In the play, the wife was infidelity and proposed a divorce. When packing the luggage, the following rain was used as an excuse to delay the farewell. The rain curtain outside the window perfectly echoes the tears in Xuan Bin’s eyes. This is a very beautiful movie.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

From the hair of the Marine Corps to the short hair of the shoulders, it looks very handsome and masculine.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

A Korean wig has launched a bohemian wig. The natural curling design makes it look like short hair. Depending on your face, you can use your fingers to roll the bangs or trim them slightly.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

"The Secret Garden" Jin Yuyuan's Playboy Head

This wig specializes in the acclaimed rich second generation of Jin Yuyuan in "Secret Garden", exuding a beautiful male temperament.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

In the wigs designed by Korean wig stores, the top skin is designed in the appropriate part on the measurement data of the average size of the male head, and restored as much as possible.

The top is a thicker C-shaped curl, the direction is very free, and the shape is convenient. The corners create a clean and tidy feel through meticulous layers. Because the wig has a soft texture, it can be used to create a curling sensation.

Korean Wave No. 19: Korean wig shop launches various Hyun Bin wigs

"The World They Live" Zheng Zhiwu's Drooping Curls

Director Zheng Zhiwu is keen and intelligent, and the beauty of the world with a sense of justice is a model for the younger generation. I love the movie, holding the director’s dream, but I have to live for my livelihood.

The director who makes a living is more inclined to be informal, and the fluffy hairstyle is suitable. Therefore, Korean companies have also introduced a wig that combines the qualities of hair and styling.

Liu Hai mixes with real hair, naturally interprets, and comes with an artificial scalp that is not available in many wigs now. It is also very convenient to wear a hat and hat.

A person in the wig industry in South Korea said: "The wigs that are easy for servicemen to use on vacation are very popular in Korea recently. When you are on vacation or in a foreign country, you not only change your clothes into casual clothes, but you can change your hair style to feel the true momentary freedom. Therefore, the wig epidemic is not without reason."

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