The GOGIRL brand with the theme of "Happy Hour" was born in 2010 with the bold use of contrasting colors and splicing techniques as well as its thick, thin, bright, black-and-white gray mashup style designed specifically for fashion and creativity The young girl design, with colorful accessories, to meet their desire to express their own personality, highlighting the freedom and unrestrained youth.


2012 GOGIRL autumn and winter new style of pure beauty of the campus fashion personality expression Mocu domestic apparel market, the use of Stoll textile machine to create new sweaters Colorful texture changes, unique multi-fabric splicing practices, highlighting the girls move freely Romantic feelings, so that the sun's fashionable girl publicity youthful beat.

GOGIRL女装2012冬款 让至IN流行混搭完胜冬季街头

Soft and comfortable fabric with designer imaginative design, as well as people to IN mashup, so pastoral style and trendy modern style blend together, this mashup is very popular this year, oh oh.

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