Fine, qi, god, health care family called the three treasures. -- "Li Yuan Yuan Jian", twenty-four hours a day, there are at least eight hours we spent in bed. It can be seen that the foundation of essence, qi and spirit comes from high quality sleep, which is the starting point of health care. All kinds of bedding products that are in direct contact with the body have a significant influence on the sleep effect. The choice and use of bedding products affects the quality of our sleep. Therefore, the bed keeping regime needs some attention. Where is the knowledge?

1. The quilt should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. The quilt is also learned. Ultraviolet rays can kill the poison. Under the combined action of sunlight and wind, the harmful bacteria and microorganisms adsorbed in the quilt can be quickly removed.

2. Pillow height has a sense of whether you will feel headache or neck pain, and may also be accompanied by symptoms of asthma, stuffy nose or runny nose. If so, then you should change the pillow.

3. The best way to store quilts and pillows by storing quilts and pillows is to put them in a breathable cotton bag. The vacuum plastic bag saves space and is suitable for synthetic fiber filling.

4, used quilts can be cleaned once a year, even if there is a quilt outside the quilt, the used quilt can be cleaned once a year. It is recommended to get a professional cleaning shop, which will greatly extend the use time.

5. Bedding washing matters When bed sheets and quilts are washed, care must be taken to distinguish between shades and shades. Do not allow the washing machine to rinse excessively, otherwise it will easily damage the fabric fibers of the bedding and cause premature wear.

6. The more the number of holes in the quilt, the better. Usually, when the temperature in the bed reaches 32~34 degrees Celsius, people are most likely to fall asleep. Old people always think that the thicker the quilt is, the warmer it is. In fact, the too heavy quilt will oppress the chest and abdomen, which may cause poor breathing and may cause nightmares.

7. The mattress should be made of natural materials such as pure wool, pure horsetail hair, cotton and linen. These materials have a good moisture barrier and allow air to circulate well in the mattress.

8. Different pillows have different functions. The general pillow filling consists of kapok, down, aloe, and buckwheat husks, which are soft and comfortable. In the summer, you may wish to try the clamshell pillow and the reed pillow, which can remove heat and remove heat.

9. Try to choose natural material bedding fabrics and inner filling cotton, linen, silk sheets and quilts. It has good air permeability, dryness and sweat absorption. It can also drive away moisture. Natural fibers are not easy to generate static electricity and are not easy to absorb dust. Direct contact with the body is very comfortable.

10. In summer, silk can be covered with silk. About 1/3 of the silk is hollow. It can absorb 30%~50% of water without feeling wet. The higher the human body temperature, the cooler the silk. On the contrary, the lower the body temperature, the silk. The warmer it is.

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