Basic characteristics of garnet:

- Crystal system: equiaxed crystal system

- Refractive index: 1.74-1.90 (different differences)

- Transparency: transparent - opaque (different varieties vary slightly)

- Gloss: strong glass luster - yam diamond

- Density: The density of different varieties is different, about 3.78-4.51g/cm3 (slightly different varieties)

- Hardness: 7-8

-Cleavage and fracture: shell-like fracture

Rose garnet characteristics

- belonging to the variety of magnesium aluminum garnet

-Main origin: Brazil Brazil

-ENZO Rose Garnet Master

- a type of red garnet

- The English name is "Pyrope" from the Greek word "Pyropos", meaning "fire eye"

- Unique rose red with charming charm

There is only one place in the world, located in Tocantins, Brazil; the Lawrence Group is a close partner with the mine owners and has an exclusive distribution channel.

The Rose Garnet trademark – Rosenite® has been successfully registered in the United States as a patented garnet symbolizing the history of human wearing garnets for thousands of years. Garnet is considered a symbol of faith, firmness and simplicity. People are willing to own, wear and worship garnet, not only because of its aesthetic decorative value, but more importantly, people believe that gems have an incredible magical power, which makes people succumb to sorrow and sorrow, and can maintain their honor status forever. And has an important commemorative function. In the medieval culture, people think that this red stone has the effect of stopping bleeding. Many early cultures believe that garnet can prevent and treat blood diseases and infections. Today, garnet is the birthstone of January, symbolizing faithfulness, friendliness and chastity.

ENZO Rose Garnet Selling Point

- The gemstone is produced in a single place with a rare production;

- Excellent quality of gemstones: unique color, pure, rare inclusions, high transparency, glass luster - yam diamond;

-The use of large grain gemstone rose stone (Rosenite??) garnet, carefully selected to ensure that each stone has superior quality;

- Unique cut, new German cutting process, showing the unique charm of the gem, both deep and stable, and jumping personality;

- Concise but not simple design: the design is mainly to highlight the gemstones, the whole style is clean and sleek, and the diamonds in the luxurious group set the noble elegance of the gemstone;

- ENZO's customary super-inlaying technique not only makes the jewelry have a refined and perfect appearance, but also allows the wearer to experience the meticulous and comfortable wearing.

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