The refreshing summer is coming slowly under our expectation. In the summer of the campus, although not heard of the spring campus of the birds smell the flowers, invisible showing a vibrant scene; not even the fall of the campus fruitful, joy harvest scene; nor the winter campus snow and can School dress up jade cut barriers. But Super Elf children's clothing, it is eye-catching dazzling increase for the campus is not only a beautiful landscape. It brought us a rhythm of life, a stylish atmosphere. Super elves children's clothing, round neck fashion is not easy deformation deformation more atmosphere comfortable. Multi-layer gauze imports, breathable is not wet, princess Fan full. Moms to their children's love to be fully reflected. Simple and elegant short-sleeved workmanship wearing natural comfort, the little princess are more cute and innocent. Sleeve yarn fan-shaped jacket, decorative details are very fine, the buttons hem edge button design. Red felt coat, highlighting the king of the wind, to form a fan-shaped visual side to soften. Good gray gray wool knit jacket, neck and elbows with breathable leather, shape reminiscent of the shawl behind the development; these sections borrowed from the catwalk in the T stage, this is the super-elf children's summer summer to bring the most precious children one's gift. The princess and actress in the children's memory is the most beautiful, super-elf children's clothing for the summer of 2013 to create the most dazzling children's clothing line, just in line with the girls deep meeting. Combining the fabrics of the women's collections with the haute couture make-up, with small sequins and brilliant prints, the wardrobe for elegant little girls is created, and the princess in memory is not alone. Super Elf children's wear white short-sleeved T-shirt, in the hot summer, bringing a fresh feeling so that children are magical, sweet and lovely, simple and simple no matter from which perspective to feel, can give a noble The feeling of temperament Color striped pants, personality and beautiful, where the baby, are a beautiful landscape. A little girl wearing a new Super Elf children's clothing, slowly into its alma mater, this time the school is a quiet, with their own childhood happy to accompany their study tables and chairs at this time, neat and tidy Through the window, reflected in the child's eyes. Next to the white walls, a blackboard with sharp contrasts gives the children an infinitely happy, sweet memory. Wearing a Super Elf children's clothing, along with the beautiful summer things, leaving a cherished childhood, this is what we want to give children. Super Elf children dress big swing dress, with the breeze swinging the Melaleuca even group, streamlined style design, the use of green in the sleeves and skirts edge processing, filled with youthful vigor. Chest green spider knot and waist split processing, but also for the Yiyi added color, nowadays more popular style, so that our little princess pocketed back Oh. At any time become a small star in the eyes of everyone, the star is at hand. Gentle girl and pure emotion. Light green optimistic people, convinced that if there is a shadow in front, it is because there is sunshine in front of me. I firmly believe that if there is a shadow in front of me, it is because there is sunshine in front of me. Orange is a symbol of prosperity and pride. Orange is an active catalyst for nerves and blood. Strength is the purest color, while Super Elf Kids is a natural color that will enrich every child who owns it. And spend time with them. Super elf children's casual add sweet atmosphere, so Princess and fairy tales intimate contact. Stylish sunflowers with exquisite hot drilling technology to embellishment, exquisite appearance, solid, not easy to fall. External semicircle empty pants pocket shape also has fungus decoration, beautiful and more practical. Super Elf children's clothing classic cartoon general pattern in a variety of fine cotton or silk cloth to re-interpret the modern sense of fashion, dedicated to the young Gucci girl. Stylish jumpsuit with shoulders and mutual clasps, Baoshen logo colorful stars reveals innocence cute. Taffeta skirt elegant chic red, accompanied by small red horsebit buckle shoes, you can attend a formal venue. Simple atmosphere of the round neck This is super-elf children's clothing unique style. This vast sea of ​​nets, how many encounters each day pass, how many a day pass by passively. Super elf children's wear also met children, summer new children's short-sleeved suit, this summer let you natural and beautiful. Company Name: Guangzhou small crystal clothing Co., Ltd. Contact: Super Wizard Tel: Mobile: (15521244759)

Metal Keychain
Metal keychain are used in promotion and trade for decades. They are collected, traded, given away, awarded and so many other unique uses. There really is no limitation.

We are a 12 years' manufacturer of metal keychain, and can help you creat the keychain you want professionally. 

Item Name: Metal Keychain
Material Options: Zinc Alloy (mostly used), Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold.
Size: Customized.
Accessory: Key Ring

1) Firstly, you give us an existing sample, or send us the artwork in vector formats, like .ai / .cdr / .eps
2) We do Molding / Tooling, accoring to your artwork
3) We do Die casting / Die Struck
4) We do Polishing
5) We do Plating colors, according to your artwork
6) We do Filling colors
7) We do Surface Protection: exposy or not

8) We do Packing.

9) We do Shipping to you, or to your customer.

Packing options: poly bag, bubble bag, velvet bag, wood box, or other customized methods.

Production time: 5 to 7 days for samples; 5 to 10 days for mass production.

Price: us$0.5 to us$4.0 each piece, depending on your design, quantity and requirements.

Payment Terms: Western Union, Bank Wire, PayPal.

Shipping methods: airfreight, seafreight, DHL / FedEX / UPS / TNT / Aramex door to door service.

Metal Keychain

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