Children's clothing prices are aligned with adults A T-shirt 268 yuan, a skirt 380 yuan, a pair of leather sandals 399 yuan, see these prices, do not think this is a brand of adult clothing, this is only for children aged five or six children wear.

A few days ago, when reporters visited a number of shopping malls and children's clothing stores in Beijing, they found that the price of children's clothing was comparable to that of adult clothing. Whether it was a boy's wear or a girl's wear, the price was below $100. At the same time, the entire children's wear The market is also showing a trend of high prices and aristocrats. This has led many parents to shout: Buying children's clothing is "injury."

The reporter saw in the children's commodity area of ​​Beijing Cuiwei Shopping Mall that the types and brands of children's clothing are all complete, but neither the domestic brands nor the imported brands are lower in price than adult clothing. According to a reporter in a Japanese brand monopoly zone named KP, the brand's children's clothing, whether it is long-sleeved shirts, dresses, or shorts, T-shirts, and vests, is almost all worth more than 300 yuan. Seven hundred eight hundred dollars. The brand’s sales staff told reporters that the reason why the prices of these garments are high is because all of them are imported from Japan, and the quality and style are very good. During the interview, the reporter saw several parents choosing clothes. One of Ms. Zhang told reporters that she liked the children's clothing of this brand and thought it was both distinctive and good-looking, but the price was really expensive. "I took a fancy to a boy's T-shirt, but the salesman said that this T-shirt will work better with a shorts of the same brand. But even in the case of discounts, these two children's clothing together add up to the price Also 800 yuan, too expensive, really tangled." Ms. Zhang said.

During the visit, the reporter found that in the Cuiwei Shopping Mall, there are 4 or 5 brands with similar KP children's clothing prices, including some brands in South Korea or Europe and the United States, and high-end brands of children's clothing stores such as MON-TAGUT and BURBER-RY. In contrast, domestic brands of children's clothing are cheaper, but most of them are more than 100 yuan each. Reporters in the water children's baby, baby Fangxi, Piggy Banner and other domestic brands children's clothing monopoly area to see, these brands of T-shirts, shorts and other clothing prices between 100 yuan -200 yuan, dresses, coats and other clothing prices in 200-400 yuan. Ms. Li, who is currently selecting clothes for her grandson in the piglet store, is very puzzled by the current price of children's clothing. She told reporters: "I really don't understand why the price of children's clothing is so expensive. How much material can a child wear? Even if some brands of clothing are exquisitely crafted, the price cannot overtake adult clothing. Many sales staff are Said that high-priced children's clothing fabrics are good, breathable, and no harm to children. But how good these fabrics are, is nothing more than pure cotton fabrics, which can be expensive to go. So, for these statements of the business, I think are Flicker people."

The reporter used T-shirts as an example to compare the prices of imported and domestic brands of children's clothing. As a result, it has been found that imported brands are 1 to 1.5 times more expensive than domestic brands in T-shirts of the same material. For this phenomenon, Yu Na, who sells children's clothing, told reporters that the price gap is large, mainly because the cost of clothing purchase is not the same, and the taxes on imported children's clothing are high. To say that the clothing material is actually similar, some imported brands of clothing even made in the country, and then paste a foreign brand of the standard, it claims to be purely imported clothing, the price has thus been elevated. In addition, there are also some brands that are really purely imported, but the price of these branded clothing is even higher. The price of an ordinary jacket is about 2500 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which belongs to high-end children's clothing.

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