POLO in summer is always a must-have item for men's wardrobe. Geoff summer new POLO shirt classic and real wear, whether it is pure color or striped models, its unique lapel design has always been the embodiment of men's sport and leisure and elegant free and easy choice. A wide range of colors, new features are Polo shirt features. Especially in the hot summer, Geoff polo shirt is definitely the first choice for men. When pink, red so warm color encountered polo shirt, will collide a strong sense of sports and leisure. Men wearing warm polo shirt gives a young, cheerful and warm feeling. Printed stand stitching more refined texture. polo shirt and stripes with the classic can be said that the classic, blue and red and black tricolor different stripes even more unique quality. Such polo shirts, whether worn alone or with a jacket jacket can be men's casual taste to the extreme. Gradient print POLO shirt to dark gray, dark blue and navy blue polo shirt gives a mature, restrained feeling, very suitable for low-key, gentleman Fan children wear.

The JMY Custom Necklace collection is a vibrant selection of specially designed pieces adorned with the brand's renowned precision cut and color crystal. From simple yet beautiful stainless steel or gold-plated strands embellished with clear and color crystal to sophisticated statement pieces, the JMY necklace collection features a stylish selection of jewelry pieces that showcase the brand's innovative and modern design.custom necklace main material is 316L stainless steel, also have other material,like Zinc, Alloy, 925 Sterling Silver. The main technology for plated is PVD. The most used color are black , gold, rose gold, matte color and antique color.And color is stable for more than 1 year.

Custom Necklace

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