Quasi-newcomers buy diamond rings, many diamond ring diamond knowledge may not be clear, about carat weight and color clarity, etc., let's take a look at the weight calculation method of diamonds:

In fact, the weight of the diamond can be calculated by itself. The quality of the diamond is judged by the internationally recognized weight, color, clarity and cut (4C), so the price has been relatively stable. Diamonds imported through regular channels are subject to a 17% VAT, a 5% high consumption tax, and a number of marketing expenses. The retail net profit is generally limited. Moreover, the diamond sales are accompanied by an appraisal certificate, and the data buyers can check the data, and they must make huge profits. The following experts teach you how to calculate the weight of the diamond.

If consumers want to know if a diamond is worthwhile, you need to know the following diamond nominal formula:

Cubic diameter × 0.00366 (allows ±0.03 carats of error)

For example: a diamond with a nominal size of 1 carat, the diameter of the certificate is 6.4 mm (the energy is also used by the vernier card), the formula is: 6.4 × 6.4 × 6.4 × 0.00366 ≈ 0.96 (carat), and The error of 1 carat is 1-0.96=0.04 (carat), which means that the tolerance is almost close to 0.03 carat.

If the diameter indicated on the appraisal book is 6.22 mm, the result of the formula calculation is 0.88 carats. The "small and short" is large, which proves that the goods are not true and the price is not true.

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