Warmly celebrate the city ​​wardrobe women Panyu Dashi arch shop, Huangpu Times City store grand opening on September 8, for the city wardrobes national sales network map add new landmark, but also for the city wardrobe into the national women's market add new strength!



City wardrobe women Panyu Dashi arch shop image

It is understood that the fall of the city wardrobe womens new products have been fully listed in autumn, is divided into four major series of campus, fashion, city, charm, nearly a hundred new for consumers to choose, high-grade imported fabrics, fresh colors beautiful, soft and delicate texture , So that every wearer can have a romantic, stylish, elegant beauty, fashion-loving women bring a bright new season of mood!



City wardrobe womens Huangpu era store image

Finally, I wish the city wardrobe women Panyu Dashi arch shop, Huangpu era store opened, the business is booming!

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