Changle sapphire is more, most in Fangshan. It is the only volcano in the world that has discovered the sapphire native mine, and deserved to be the pilgrimage site for treasure hunters. The Fangshan sapphire is rich in richness, thick in layer, large in content and high in taste, which is amazing to the world.

Changle Sapphire

In the autumn of 1986, the Wang brothers of Xiejiashan Village in Wutu Street at the foot of Fangshan Mountain, after a few crystal clear blue-light stones in the wild, the Ministry of Geology and Minerals sent people to Changle to inspect and sleep for a long time. Unveil the mystery.

According to experts, sapphire deposits are divided into two types: one is sapphire ore; the other is native ore on Fangshan. Years and years, sun and rain, bare primary minerals are gradually weathered and denuded, basalts formed by magma are weathered into gravel, and the sapphire crystals wrapped in them are stripped out, mixed with basalt gravel, flowing through high places, flooded by floods And handling, forming a vast area of ​​sand ore.

It can be seen at the sapphire mining site of Xinwang Village in Wutu Street. The bulldozer first pushes the thick soil layer away. The excavator digs out the sapphire ore and washes it with a water gun. There are sapphire of different sizes. . Mechanized mining methods are more advanced and more effective than planing. Today, sapphire mining has evolved from disorderly to orderly mining.

The sapphire in Changle County is rich in reserves. It can be divided into ordinary sapphire and special sapphire. It has a proven area of ​​more than 450 square kilometers and a total reserve of 1 billion carats. It has the characteristics of large crystal particles and high yield. The crystals are mostly hexagonal double-cone and plate-shaped poly-forms, which are formed into a lumbar drum and a plate. The largest crystal diameter of 80 mm has been discovered and weighs more than 700 carats. It is a rare sapphire-rich area in the world.

To Changle, in addition to the ancient volcanic crater, the group of Shenhua style, but also to explore the "treasure" in the volcano.

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