Zhang Jia Ni was wearing a NAERSI Naursi dress. The power of faith allowed the NAERSI woman to go forward bravely. Zhang Jia Ni: A well-known film and television star in Mainland China. "Zhiling," also known as "Ziling", a dreamer who does not want to be restrained and wants to live his life; "Wu Su-su," a woman of "Qingzhong Yue Fei," is a savvy woman who does not let her eyebrows. The drama “Wujian Dao” female No.1 “Han Meiyu”, a “truthful spirited woman” who sacrifices for love, these characters all come from the wonderful deduction of Zhang Jia Ni. “Fresh and young, modern,” Qiong Yao’s comment on Zhang Jia Ni’s Say.

Naersi Fashion and Cross-border - Zhang Jia Ni: The Power of Belief

A low-profile NAERSI gray dress skirt, light colors, looming luster to create a natural effect, without too much embellishment, exquisite silhouette cut, revealed in the eyes of the firm, become the best endorsement of confidence and elegance .

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