Bright color is the color of children's youth, bright colors are able to bring children a kind of vitality, but also to see good mood color, orange how to match? Some people's idea is that bright colors must be accompanied by a darker color before taking, in fact, not so good-looking, bright color can also be equipped with bright colors, so that children's childhood more energetic. Photo credit: Kaki House Children's clothing Autumn 2013 new orange stitching blue chiffon skirt, a blue leggings, a pair of the same color with the jacket canvas shoes, one is a bright color with, but only two colors, Will such a bright color feel bad? Let the bright colors to awaken children's innocence. Photo credit: Kaki House Children's clothing Autumn 2013 is still the new orange style with orange knit sweater style, the love of the prominent embellishment, as if jumping elves, a bright yellow leggings, there is no very bright feeling Help baby so dressed, out of the street the absolute concern Oh.

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