Yung Yue advocates a perfect, romantic and fashionable lifestyle, elegant and generous as a product appeal point to meet the urban women 20-35 yearning for the pursuit of life and their beautiful desire and dream into a fashionable women's , brand In the style, fabric, color and details of the treatment are in the forefront of the popular, introverted style fashion, design tension, interpretation of a new era of elegant and sophisticated life, formed its own unique aesthetic taste and aesthetic language. Women through the perfect combination of color and texture for the 25-38-year-old woman brought a modern urban plot and a rich cultural atmosphere. The purpose is to make a part of a better life, so that the world of female friends become beautiful and wonderful!

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Romance is not only about screaming bouquets at birth, nor about every anniversary. Emerging romanticism, you want to steal every one can get together for a moment, sensual sharing, sexy coexistence. In fact, intimacy is not necessarily to create a great deal of effort to complete; nor is it a laborious invitation to a whole band to accompany the candlelight dinner count. Trying to be just a pair of hands clenched, a comic book shared by both, a decompression massage with light music, you will know, the original close to a person can be so easy.


Yung Yue Autumn and winter 2013, the latest release of more and more the United States theme, just to make people better through the clothing relaxed and happy, refreshing. Fashion casual and professional classics combined with the feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment. Create a new era of capable but without losing grace Wan Yue new independent female image. Pay attention to the decoration of the individual female body by some small details, giving women unlimited beauty and inner charm.

Features & Comments:
Superior abrasion resistance
Not effected by needle heat, won't melt
Good resistance to most organic solvents
Excellent resistance to long term heat exposure
Available in natural (white) and colors
Put-ups and packages can be made according to clients' request specially.
For increased strength and cut protection, 100% para-Aramid Sewing Thread is recommended.
Certified to EN469 specially.

White Aramid Sewing Thread

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