Ceramic jewellery market has great potential

In recent years, with the impact of new ideas and new cultures, traditional ceramics have been integrated into new elements and a new kind of creative jewelry is developing rapidly. It is ceramic jewelry. Its appearance breaks the limitations of Chinese jewellery that has remained in the original main raw materials such as pearls, diamonds, crystals, metals, and wood, creating an imaginative artistic image that satisfies the diversity of modern jewellery for people with different personalities. Aesthetic needs. Undoubtedly, ceramic jewelry has a huge market potential.

First, novelty and fashion In the production of ceramic jewelry, it has a strong exploratory and experimental characteristics. Unfamiliar things need to break the people's acceptance of the market. The new generation of consumer groups is active, passionate, and full of fantasies. It maintains a state of innovation and differentiation, and is easy to accept new things. In the consumer market, they are often the first buyers and consumer leaders of new products. Ceramic jewellery goes to market and is recognized by consumers. They play a guiding role that cannot be ignored.

Second, to embody cultural factors Ceramic jewellery has also been given the distinct ethnic and cultural values ​​of the Chinese nation, portraying the development and changes of the Chinese nation’s mind, spirit, and personality, accompanied by the material civilization and spiritual civilization of the Chinese nation. This reflects the Chinese nation’s cultural information and characteristics of the times. In addition, the raw materials for ceramic jewelry are green. Consumers can feel that ceramic jewellery is a kind of “green jewellery” that is beneficial to human health and its humanistic care.

Third, to reflect the emotional factors The relationship between humans and nature, people and society is increasingly complex and complex. People's feelings about the relationship between themselves and the environment are also becoming deeper and more complex. People are often in an emotional life that is difficult to describe. The uniform production of mechanical products produced by big factories seems to lack individuality and change, making people feel cold and lacking in human touch. Ceramic jewellery attaches great importance to new expression methods and new forms of expression, and represents the forms of modern human ideals, individual emotional emotions, and the flow of consciousness to various cognition and aesthetic values ​​of this world and society. Thanks to the properties of clay and fire, which brings people's closeness to traditional memories, people can experience children's and primitive people's simplicity, directness, straightforwardness, and the unyielding expression of their own strong Emotional impulses.

Fourth, highlighting individuality and self as modern art spirit advocates the independence of human inner personality and publicity of external forms. The difference between ceramic jewelry and traditional jewelry is that ceramic jewelry is the unity of internal spirit and external form. Focus on the individual's original value and self-worth. Ceramic materials have a strong plasticity, giving designers a wide creative space. The various texture effects that the surface of the ceramic jewellery has intentionally or unintentionally left behind require artistic conceiving and performance techniques. This is a result of spiritual labor with individual colors.

The mind of modern consumers often has a "sole" consciousness of "me alone", hoping that he is a "different one." Ceramic jewellery is rich in design in terms of its design, and is rarely rigidly adhered to in a recurring pattern. Ceramic jewellery, with its own unique personality, can cater to their "possessed only" mentality, and often can lead to consumers' purchase behavior.

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