From September 6, 2013 to September 8, 2013, CRZ tide brand agents from all over China gathered at the Royal Caroline Hotel Guangzhou to participate in the CRZ tide brand spring / summer 2014 new order fair to share the CRZ tide brand "A Different View! Different answers! "Brand concept, to regain the new attitude of CRZ tide brand. The order will be mainly through the sample display, catwalk models and ppt showcased tide trend of CRZ brand awareness and innovative ideas. Based on the design concept of "simplifying complicated things" and integrating the "stubbornness" of the kidult family, "fun" and "sense of design" are brought together to infiltrate the building of product design, marketing service and brand culture. Mix into a vibrant, colorful visual feast. tide? Is also in the native can interpret exotic! Spring and summer of 2014, CRZ tide brand to the Earth as a creative material in Mexico, the concept of creative planet K star, interpretation of a called "K West clan alliance" story. Through the language of adorable lines, different forms of Mexican culture are incorporated into the design of the garment. Selling Meng, Funny, playing deep, play serious, to maintain 'different' consistent style, the next spring and summer, CRZ tide brand counterattack attack. tide? Is a few simple steps! Simple T shirt jeans can be very tide it? The answer is yes! CRZ Tide brand to "tide change meter" as a topic, at the ordering meeting with the dealer dealer to interact, through tidal mix and tide expression of both the CRZ tidal concept of practical and universal. tide? Is a unique style plus appropriate highlights! CRZ Tide brand 2014 spring and summer series of new design continues the brand's intrinsic tide flavor, but the classification is more refined. Models in the lively music show 43 sets of personalized spring and summer new tide, the application of new printing technology and the emergence of fresh elements will make you pleasantly surprised. Sing K, work, travel, shopping ... ... every day, there is always a suitable for you! tide? Is the same pursuit, different answers! CRZ said that next year will show the brand new logo, and the renovation of the physical store renovation of the creative, the customer into the shopping process into the game process, ranging from floor design, fitting room layout and cashier modeling, small to tide Within the new product packaging and display methods and the shape of the light irradiation, will be innovative ideas CRZ tide brand embodied most vividly. The same is shopping, CRZ will give you a different "tide" experience. CRZ tide brand firmly believe that the culture of a brand has a very important role in people's touch, CRZ tide card advocate "A Different View! Different answer!", But also try to make every one come to the CRZ store you experience only belonging to the CRZ tide Brand of "tide play" attitude.

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