Following Kerastase Bell after the good news Ji'an, Jiangxi Suichuan shop, ushered Kerastase Bell Pingxiang C store settled. The golden autumn of "King of Good King must remember in the year, the most is when the orange and the orange are green" is the harvest, the joy and the simple tranquility. Card Sibel in November this year is also a charm bloom, passion all the way to the highest, the most lively opened up.


From the end of July 2015 to the present early November, in just less than four months, we started our third branch in Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province. Very grateful to my sister and had sister to our card Sibel has been the support and recognition. Have opened two stores in succession, saw a real profit, saw the goods by all the people of all ages. Resolutely decided to add a branch. Xiaobian, on behalf of all Card Sibel Bell wished Sister and sister had the city agency win as soon as possible.

We also believe that our Pingxiang C store opening is set to be some lively scenes, I wish you a big sale! big sale! big sale!


When you are still hovering to choose a brand business, others have already first discovered the business opportunities you have; when you are still entangled in the choice, others have chosen the card Sibel Bell. Because of professional, because of experience, is an indispensable treasure on your entrepreneurial path. However, do not worry, Card Sibel is now facing the blank market alliance operators, agents. As long as you believe, we are willing to work with you to create a better tomorrow! Share with you successful experience!

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