Cold air next week, but also "coming", it is said that the lowest possible warm-up to 0 ℃, so the remaining few days, of course, to quickly work hard cold. Men are not like women, so many optional clothing, then the face of large cooling down, or simply rude to buy it down jacket. Here to recommend two Hao Xin Kai. Tekin's white short paragraph down jacket. A glutinous white feather jacket, it looks very texture. Lapel collar to add the design, increase the level of three-dimensional clothes at the same time, but also more beautiful and practical. The black line at the skirt outline, a bit more British LOOK, vertical oblique handle, more practical. The whole jacket is not overstaffed sense of the past down jacket, but more stylish and stylish. Even the down jacket can not be too regular models, with the printing of the British villain white down jacket, all of a sudden it does not seem monotonous, with a little special feeling. Small stand-collar processing, add a man's handsome index. Spread at the Department of national wind splicing, but also a bright spot, different from the details of the show. Business wear this may not feel formal, but in daily life is very suitable. Why choose white? That is not because the men's wardrobe are all black and white ash and other dark colors, taking advantage of the purchase of new clothes, quickly change color for another mood. Why should recommend short paragraph? Long section of the warmth is better, but less practical than wear short paragraph, as a business man, the more taboo is the dress does not look clean and tidy, so the short section more in line with the needs of men, which is why Xiaobian want Recommended to you is a white short paragraph down jacket reasons.

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