Height is flawed, this is really a day doomed. In the dressing is even more a headache, I'm afraid after wearing it appears shorter. In fact, since there is a visual contrast, then why do not we try out the high wear it? Today Xiaobian bring Nailu multi- brand fashion women's dress , is the blessing of MM MM, tall body is not a dream.


Want to be high, then stretch the legs as far as possible lines, with the golden ratio, how will there be no tall body? So you have to give up a little bulky and long dress, choose a lightweight short version of clothing can be. Just as the model was wearing, a shallow khaki down jacket, the highlight is the hem of the arc design, more modified leg type, appears to be more tall.

小个子福音 高挑身材不是梦

Short shirt coupled with high waist pants is really cool with a small fruiting cool method, one second higher 10CM. This black and white plaid fur, not the kind of rich and powerful sense of rich woman, but naturally showing a sweet and temperament. Take a pure white half-collar sweater, the neck lines look more refined. High waist pants coupled with short boots, exclusive to your elegant and charming.

Photo credit: Nalu and more women's clothing

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Men's casual wear pants

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