Focus on the work of you, has been shuttling between the bustling CBD office, loyal to life, but less life should have the mood. When the sense of fulfillment gradually fade, return to your real life, try to fade a serious professional dress, turned into a romantic gentleman, with a loved one to a long absence dating back to life should be the mood. Suit jackets, urban life, is the reality of the main theme of imagination and beauty of the art portfolio, both indispensable. A textured plaid suit jacket, steady, but also a more self-style, is the tribute to the real work; lined with a green print shirt, showing a not buried in the ordinary urban atmosphere, full of vitality , Match a purple slacks, create a distinctive modern gentleman type. Burgundy romantic, beautiful warm man may be because of the relationship between roses, burgundy born to be named in the romantic, a burgundy coat, born with elegance and romance, for the early winter bring a different gentleman atmosphere . With a cream-colored sweater, while giving the grace, temperature, to create aesthetic warm men; talked about sweaters, nature will not forget its good partner - plain shirt, long time no see, it became a classic. Then put on a classic black slacks, continuation of the classic aesthetic, interpretation of burgundy romantic feelings. Love between the grid, gentleman Gentle clarity of the grid, meaning a distinctive style, but also interpreted the calm worldly. Plaid coat, the implementation of elegant demeanor, outline the retro gentleman style; plaid shirt full sense of level, once again confirmed the taste from the truth in the room, then with a comfortable wild khaki pants, gentleman, the perfect impression, in which .

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