Saslax SOT team nationwide tour of the fast paced, blink of an eye, 2015 has come to November, in the past 11 months, with the overall strength continues to strengthen, Saslax brand increasingly influential and brand value continuously Improve, become a leader in the fashion industry. To this end, attracting more and more franchisees to join the ranks of Saslax. Recently, Saslax SOT team sent by the headquarters, in-depth stores across the country, boosting the development and upgrading of national franchise stores, the sprint performance, share the successful sales experience, improve the overall performance of the franchise, exceeding the annual performance exceeding the target. Sales Guidance In the course of this national tour, Saslax SOT team members conducted a detailed analysis of the store locations around the franchise stores and shared their years of sales experience with the franchisees, listened patiently to franchisees and clerks Work questions and difficulties encountered, the operation of franchisees in the process of providing solutions to the problems. At the same time, based on the strategic deployment of headquarters and continuous innovation of marketing strategies, franchise stores in the long-term development plan put forward reasonable suggestions. Among them, the most noteworthy is that Saslax SOT team members to each franchise depth, sales guidance, and personal in-store sales, exceeding the daily sales targets, the completion rate is above 120%. Not only increased the sales of Saslax franchise stores, franchisees and clerks felt the sales charm of Saslax SOT team members, but also inspired Saslax national franchisee morale, so that they later in the marketing and development more confident, At the same time, more confidence in Saslax, rest assured that sales, go all out to run franchise stores. Enriching activities and strengthening support "Taking customer's demand as center and customer's satisfaction as objective" has always been the principle of service pursued by Saslax. Franchisee is the most important source of power in the development process of Saslax, and how to help franchisee continue to grow and develop , To achieve franchisee, customer, Saslax maximum interest is Saslax unchanged goal. Saslax official said sales activities like SOT team members tour patrol shops will be held regularly, and will be more abundant to help franchisee development activities and support policies. Through this tour shop sales, not only to strengthen the interaction with the franchisee, in time for the franchisee to provide sales support and help, but also for the next step to franchisee support and development plan laid a solid foundation.


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